Hi, I'm Elin, and I like warm hugs.
21 year old Swedish girl.
Professional cat petter and animal whisperer.
Attractive women and fandoms do things to me.

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I can't change
even if I wanted to

Kate Beckett → That 70’s Show

it’s always fun to go through your likes and find the ones you’ve like whilst drunk

Bees a buzz, kids will blow dandelion fuzz
And I’ll be doing whatever gingers do in summer.
A drink in my hand, my freckles against the burning sand
Prob’ly getting gorgeously sunburned in summer.

Winter’s a good time to stay in your bed,
But put me in summer and I’ll be
— a happy ginger!


there’s no limit to how much I love Jason Momoa


daenerys targaryen is everything i aspire to be in life

Game of Thrones — 4x03 (Blue & Green)

"This Mother of Dragons, this Breaker of Chains, is above all a rescuer.”